Real Estate continues to be the best wealth generating investment you can make.

My Real Estate career began from my earlier years as a Real Estate investor. Now, my objective is to connect with investors, identify prime cash flowing properties, and exercise my expert negotiation skills to secure deals. I work alongside a team of property experts with a wealth of knowledge and experience who truly understand the needs of investors.

When I work for you, I bring value by doing the following:

1) Educate you about Buyer Agency, outlining my fiduciary responsibilities to you, which include: complete Disclosure, Loyalty, Confidentiality, Obedience, and Accountability.

2) Save your time searching the market for an affordable property that meets your criteria.

3) View properties with you and provide comparative analysis. I can also refer you to expert inspectors and property managers who’ll provide more in-depth analysis and advice.

4) Help you explore your financing options so you make the best possible mortgage decision.

5) Negotiate the best possible price for you and take care of all the documentation details.
6) Assist you, if necessary, in finding any related services you need.

If you are seeking assistance and wish to expand your investment portfolio, please reach out to Rob James today!